About Us

GVM Nursing College is one among the best nursing colleges in the country. The college offers unmatched training in nursing education through its highly qualified and experienced faculty, excellent infrastructure and University’s teaching hospitals. As part of enabling students to prepare for successful careers in nursing, the college encourages its students to participate in various research activities. Students of GVM Nursing College are provided with ample opportunities to exhibit their talents in co-curricular activities at various levels – intra-collegiate, inter-collegiate and inter-university.
To educate and train the students comprehensively with adequate knowledge, desirable attitude and skill from basic to advanced nursing in order to practice qualitative, compassionate, holistic and evidence based nursing ethically at par with global standards with the necessary leadership qualities at all levels of care in various health care settings nationally & globally.

To prepare the students and faculty for career upgradation with technological advancements and research skills and continuous learning in order to take up various challenging roles/capacities in nursing profession in all settings of health care delivery.

To provide the students a conducive learning environment, so as to empower them multi-dimensionally to execute & excel in academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
“To establish GVM Nursing College as a centre of excellence from undergraduate  nursing education built with leadership and research skill that is recognized nationally & globally for its standards of nursing practice”.
  1. To create inductive environment that reflects the nursing philosophy.
  2. To establish nursing nurturing via advanced and upgraded knowledge based training.
  3. To reinstate the nobility of the profession by imparting dignified and committed teaching.
  4. To generate knowledge and expertise base that is most sought after in the state.
  5. To impart innovative education with dynamics of interdisciplinary and interprofessional alliances in healthcare, Clinicalresearch, public health and so on.
  6. To be a core player in the area of health policy development of the sector to bring about awareness and collaboration.
  7. Leverage best practice in technology to enhance education and patient care.
  8. Enhance world class college structure and process to grow and fortify a vibrant and dynamic learning experience.
  9. Engage in lifelong learning and professional development of self and others.
  10. To create and cultivate dedicated professionals who are committed to dignity and development of mankind.